7 Questions You Should Ask Your Child's Guide Counselor


We're at the point in the school year where students and parents should be connecting with their school guidance counselor about choosing classes for next year. Beyond the obvious questions of, "What I, the student, should be taking," or, "How it will help me, the student, get into college?"

Here are 7 more questions that you, the parent, should have while you have the guidance counselor's ear.

  1. Which elective courses do you recommend for my kid? 
  2. Are there any AP courses available? 
  3. What's the plan for the PSAT, the ACT? Do we get practice exams here? 
  4. Is this school a testing center for the ACT or SAT, or do I need to go somewhere else nearby? 
  5. Do you have college handbooks or other guides that I can borrow or browse, or can you suggest some websites for free practice tests? 
  6. What activities can I do at home and over the summer to get ready for college? 
  7. What kinds of grades do different colleges require?


Your school counselor may be the most wonderful and accessible person on the planet, or they may be juggling thousands of students and barely know your name. So remember, that the person who has the biggest stake in your academics, students and parents, is you. It's up to you, mom and dad, to help your kid to stay on top of opportunities and deadlines to control their future.

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