3 Tips to Get Your Teen Going with Their College Applications

If your kid is self-motivated and reading all the instructions on how to complete their applications and essays, consider yourself blessed. It takes mental strength and stamina to decipher all that needs to be done for the college process and execute it at a high level. For the rest of us, we need help. Tips to figure out how best to help our kids to help themselves.

Here are three to start. 


#1: Carve out time for them

Discuss exactly when they’re going to work on their applications and essays and make it non-negotiable. I think an hour or two three days a week during the month of August is solid. 


#2: Help them with their Common Application

Actually sit down and review the parts of the Common App with them so it gets down faster and more accurately. The Family and Activity sections will definitely need your assistance. 


#3: Help them to brainstorm their essays

Personal essay writing is hard and kids often do not know where to start. By simply reviewing the prompts with your child and offering ideas on how they can approach the questions will show them that they’re not in this scary process alone.