3 Must See Places on a College Visit


It's February and many of you are already planning college visits during President's Day weekend or spring break in March or April. Here are the three campus buildings you should be sure to stop into when visiting any college campus.

#1 The library. You're at school to study, so much of your time will be spent at the library. It only makes sense that you make sure you know where the studying facilities are! Whether they’re in a dorm or an academic facility, note all of the spaces available for study time. Your ability to find a comfortable space to focus and get work done could make or break your college experience.

#2 The dining facilities. You’ve gotta eat, so make sure you see how many dining facilities are on campus and if they offer meal options that you like.

#3 The residential spaces, the dorms. Anywhere you're going to have to lay your head or use the bathroom should be a place you want to see. Take a look at an example of the bedrooms and bathrooms provided in residential facilities. Unless you opt to live at home or off-campus, you’ll have to live there for a while!

The libraries, dining facilities and dorms are the basic, must-see spaces, but feel free to check out campus buildings that are related to your specific interests as well. If you like to work out, check out the gym. If you like to create art, go to the art studios. But remember: the library, the dorm and the dining facilities should be your top priorities.

Enjoy your campus visits!


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