Navigating the College Campus Journey: A Parent's Guide to Academic, Extracurriculars, and Admissions

Hey there, parents! It's fall, the air is getting crisp, and many of you are heading back to your college campuses for homecoming. It's a nostalgic time, but more importantly, it's an opportunity to share your own college experiences with your high school teen.

Why Visit College Campuses:

  1. Understanding Academics (The First "A"):

Begin the journey by helping your teen understand the academics of different colleges. Is it a liberal arts school or one with a focus on business and engineering? What specialties does it offer? How does it support students academically on a day-to-day basis? Remind them that academics should be the cornerstone of their college experience. 

  1. Exploring Extracurriculars (The Second "A"):

College life isn't just about hitting the books. Show your teen the myriad of activities available, from athletics to the arts. Explore the surrounding neighborhood and help them envision a well-rounded college experience. It's crucial to emphasize that what happens outside the classroom is just as vital for personal growth.

  1. Cracking the Code of Admissions (The Third "A"):

The landscape of college admissions has evolved significantly. What was true 20 or 30 years ago may not hold today. Discuss the changes, from test-optional policies to shifts in affirmative action. Ensure you and your teen grasp the admission requirements of each school—standardized testing, GPA expectations, and the weight of essays in the process. Staying informed is key to navigating this critical phase. 

Why Now?

As your teen prepares to step into the world of higher education, it's crucial to bridge the generational gap. The college experience has transformed, and understanding these changes will empower both you and your teen to make informed decisions. 

How to Maximize Your College Visits:

  1. Plan Strategically:

Schedule visits during homecoming or designated campus visit days for a comprehensive experience. 

  1. Engage in Conversations:

Encourage your teen to ask questions during the campus tour. Faculty, students, and admissions staff are valuable resources. 

  1. Immerse in Campus Life:

Attend classes, visit dorms, and explore common areas to get a feel for the campus vibe.

  1. Utilize Online Resources:

Supplement physical visits with online resources. Virtual tours, forums, and social media can provide additional insights.

Remember the three A's—academics, activities, and admissions requirements. By focusing on these aspects during your college visits, you're setting the stage for a successful and fulfilling higher education journey for your teen. 

Now that you're equipped with insights to make the most of your college visits, take the next step. Book a Discovery Call or Strategy Session with us at Strategic Admissions Advice. Let's work together to ensure your teen's college journey is not just memorable but transformative.

Safe travels on your college exploration journey!