5 Signs Your High School Counselor Isn't Giving You the Best College Advice

High school counselors are valuable resources, but they may not have the bandwidth to provide personalized college application guidance.

Here are some signs you might need additional support:

  • Limited College Knowledge: Does your counselor seem unfamiliar with specific colleges or programs your child is interested in?
  • Generic Advice: Are you receiving one-size-fits-all recommendations instead of a tailored strategy for your child's unique goals?
  • Overwhelmed Caseload: With large class sizes, counselors may not have the time to devote to in-depth college discussions.
  • Limited Expertise: Not all counselors specialize in college admissions.
  • Pressure to Meet Quotas: Some counselors might push students towards certain colleges to meet school-specific goals.

The Importance of a Strategic Approach:
College admissions are competitive. A generic approach won't cut it. You need a personalized strategy that considers your child's academic profile, extracurricular activities, and long-term aspirations.

We have YOUR Solution:
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