Don't Waste Your Money or Your Child's Time!

4 Winning Strategies To Help Your Child To Choose a College Major and Career

  • Does Your Kid Know What They Want To Do In Life?
  • Do They Have a College Major in Mind That Will Get Them a Career?
  • Know Your Child's Major BEFORE They Apply to College and Save Time and Money!

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What is the Return on Your Child's College Investment?

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How Your Can Help Your Child to Choose The Right Major, College and Career

  • If your child goes to college with no direction, they may not find a meaningful and profitable career
  • If your child is not focused in college, all money you saved for their education will be wasted
  • If you and your child wait to start this too late, you will regret it

Hey there! I'm Shereem and I  want to help you and your child. 

If there is one thing I know, parents love their children and want them to succeed. But at what cost? Allowing your child to apply to college, let alone go to college without a game plan will cost them time and you money. Don't do it!

  • 20+ years in College Counseling profession
  • Visited Over 700+ colleges and universities
  • Worked with over 1000 students and helped them to choose majors, careers and colleges that led to their professional success. 



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