3 Things to Know About Summertime Visits and Interviews


Can we all agree that few things in life are better than summer? With the sun shining, most of us smile more, laugh more and simply enjoy our families.  With this light, pressure-free and optimistic spirit, this is the time for many rising sophomores and juniors to visit colleges and most seniors to interview.

“Will any students be on campus?”

This is the most common — and fair — question I get about summertime visits and interviews and their value. The answer is probably not, and while that may be a turnoff for some, it can be enlightening for others. College admissions offices give great tours in the summer without the pressure of marketing. They’re genuine and revealing about their greatest achievements and occasional struggles. I really think students and families learn more about what the college mission may be and walk away from summer information Session and tours not as bombarded and stressed than when students are bustling about.


“Can a student fully gauge how a campus works when the school is not in session?”

I agree that the lack of actual students and classes takes a bit away, but as I mentioned above, the experience itself can be exceptionally rewarding especially for a rising sophomore or junior. Seniors, taking time in the fall can be tricky. We prefer using the late summer (August) once there is more activity (freshman orientation) on campus.

“When should my child have an interview?”

If the school offers them during the summer,  do it. Admissions officers have hectic fall schedules and may not be as available once the school year starts. If the summer is not feasible, a fall or alumni interview are more than fine. While interviews rarely make or break a candidate, the fact that a student does one demonstrates interest and a desire to learn more about the school.  For more information about interviewing and actual sample interview questions, please see and print this PDF. http://bit.ly/saainterviewquestions

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